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Sorin Babu Law Office - Criminal Law

Sorin Babu Law Office has a considerable experience in criminal law assistance and representation of its clients in criminal cases. We protect your interests and help you exercise your rights both in the criminal prosecution, and in the court of law. The legal assistance that we can offer concerns criminal cases under trial stage or appeal. The Law Office is very competent in the criminal law field and guarantees customer care and quality services. We treat cases with maximum efficiency, diligence and professionalism
Our company has the capacity and necessary resources to handle direct criminal matters and complex cases like those which involve white collar crime and narcotics. Our lawyers may help you if the police accuses you of or investigates you for : driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs, theft by means of extortion, embezzlement, murder, manslaughter, white collar crime, fraud, corporate crimes.

Sorin Babu Law Office - Litigation

Sorin Babu Law Office has the reputation of obtaining successes both in litigations and in arbitrages. We also have the experience in the management of the most sensitive and complex cases. Our objective is to help you avoid the litigations.
Sorin Babu Law Office is located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. The lawyers are as familiar with the arbitrage as they are with dispute resolution in courts of law and have experience in the negotiated solving of litigation for clients in the most advantageous way for each problem, including through mediation.
We aim to bring the litigations to a quick and successful finish through strategic and creative thinking as well as through the analysis of the weak points in the negotiations of the adversary, procedure tactics or creative approaches for negotiated solutions.

Sorin Babu Law Office - Corporate Law

We offer consultance regarding a wide range of commercial problems which among others comprise: general commercial contracts, joint company contracts, licensing, insurance, general corporate management, company formation.
Sorin Babu Law Office have a significant experience in the real estate field, representing both the owners as well as the tenants in what regards the transactions of renting pieces of land, offices and commercial premises, both small and large.
Our lawyers have considerable experience in the organising and operating of vehicles for real estate investments comprising limited liability companies or other joint capital investment bodies. Sorin Babu Law Office can assist and guide you through the entire process of incorporating a Romanian Company
Sorin Babu Law Office manages a complete range of transactions: company acquisitions, dividing into subsidiaries in the private property, acquisition of public companies (including tenders, offers of exchange, offers of taking over, mergers and reorganization plans); joint capital companies and strategic alliances.
Sorin Babu Law Office offer services of debt recovery. We obtain the payment of your due accounts using a successfully proven combination of letters, fax messages, e-mail messages and phone calls destined to lead to the quick settlement of your account. Our effort to cash up sums is intensified at each attempt to cash up your account, although the exact process which we follow is flexible, because each debt is individually managed.


Sorin Babu Law Office

Sorin Babu Law Office is located in Bucharest, Romania, and it is recongized for its creative approach to the legal matters faced by its clients.

Sorin Babu Law Office operates under the Bucharest Bar Association, and is recognized for achievements in the Court Law for both individual customers and businesses.

Sorin Babu - Attorney at law - holds the law office, and he's also a member of the Romanian Association of Criminal Sciences.

Thanks to the fact that our law office is located in the center of Bucharest, Romania, we treat our clients with greater efficiency. We also provide legal advice in most areas of law (criminal law, civil law, corporate law, labor law, international law).